A dirty job...

You know when you have a looming date on the calendar but don't actually look at the calendar because counting down the days to the anticipated event might cause a bit of anxiety? Well, today I looked at the calendar. And I counted. And then I said some things... things that can not be repeated. After pacing back and forth while experiencing what can only be described as impending doom I reminded myself that I've been in this situation countless times and I know what needs to be done. Time to focus, crazy laser-focus on the tasks at hand. Today the focus will be a limited batch of
jointed Pumpkin Skelly Belly Bittys followed by a little bit of yoga just to decompress.

~ Looming Showtime September 10th ~

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Doreen Frost said...

I do this same thing..put off..put off...put off..then boom..panic! I often ask myself why I put myself through it but then I wonder if I'm able to work any other way :)

Best of luck ~ your work is amazing.