A dirty job...

You know when you have a looming date on the calendar but don't actually look at the calendar because counting down the days to the anticipated event might cause a bit of anxiety? Well, today I looked at the calendar. And I counted. And then I said some things... things that can not be repeated. After pacing back and forth while experiencing what can only be described as impending doom I reminded myself that I've been in this situation countless times and I know what needs to be done. Time to focus, crazy laser-focus on the tasks at hand. Today the focus will be a limited batch of
jointed Pumpkin Skelly Belly Bittys followed by a little bit of yoga just to decompress.

~ Looming Showtime September 10th ~

Goodnight Moon

Time to put an end to this love affair with the moon. 
It's been fun but there are many sweet little pumpkins waiting for my attention. 

Crescent Moon Ornaments will be available at the 
In my ETSY SHOP in September

National Ice Cream Month

July is National Ice Cream Month as if it being Summertime just wasn't enough wonderfulness.
Now difficult decisions lie ahead, hopefully made while in pajamas: chocolate or vanilla, one scoop or two, cup or cone or is it a straight out the carton kinda day?

Whichever option you choose it's good to know that Summer is for days off, games on and precious family time discussing the big issues of the day, like the existence of Unicorns and the Great Pumpkin.

~ Pumpkin Ice Cream Cones packed and ready for The American Folk Art Festival ~  

Crescent Moon Ornaments

Went a little off course this week but in my defense the moon was full and I bewitched.

•  •  •  •  ornaments in progress •  •  •  •

Crescent Carnival Moon Ornaments 
available at the American Folk Art Festival in Napa
and in my ETSY SHOP during the month of September. 

Game of Thrones

 A black winged harbinger of Fall joined me for lunch. She had no problem letting me know that this was her throne and that I was a welcomed guest... as long as I had a crumb or two to share.

Summer Solstice


First day of Summer... woohoo! Time to slow down and make some noise. 
Countdown to Fall has begun!

Vintage inspired noisemakers in the works for the American Folk Art Festival.

National Week of Making

Sometimes the first step towards getting somewhere begins on tippy toes.

Working on a small batch of carnivalesque dolls for the Fall Show Season. 

Off course

Today I'm throwing out Plan A. Plan B is off to a promising start.

Halloween Theater Production

Theater production has come to an end. If you'd like to see the full feature head on over to 
the American Folk Art Festival in Napa this September. These and may other holiday themed pieces will be available for purchase. Click on the link for more details.

Work, work, work.

Sometimes you can just tell it's going to be one of those kinda days.

Super Tuesday

Frightened by the unsettling political climate?

Don't be haunted this evening by the outcome. Your candidate doesn't stand a ghost
of a chance unless you get out and vote.


Pumpkin Ice Cream

A dozen little scoops of Pumpkin Cones are in the works.
Who says you can't buy happiness...

Serving up fresh at the American Folk Art Festival in September.