Harlequin Pumpkin Theater

Hallo Quin the light-hearted Pumpkin making an appearance this Fall at the 
American Folk Art Festival in Napa. Save the date and treat yourself to beautifully hand-crafted Halloween art while mingling in the vineyards with artists and collectors.

American Folk Art Festival

"Perhaps the crescent moon smiles at being told that it is a fragment awaiting perfection"

  •  •  • American Folk Art Festival work in progress  •  •  • 


Working on the framework for a curious collection of peculiar portraits.

April Showers

It's been a rainy pumpkin carving kind of day. This gloomy weather is just what I needed to finally keep me indoors and focused on my showtime production schedule. You would think that my massive to-do list and looming deadlines would be enough of a motivator but for reasons I can't explain it took a dewy day like today and some dark chocolate to put me back on track. I'm pretty sure that I can safely say, without a doubt, from this day forward serious mischief making has begun. By this time next month my studio will be overflowing with completed projects... 
well, pretty sure or maybe that's just the dark chocolate talking. 

Work in Progress Theater Production

Oh my stars! 
Such drama today while working on this theatrical production. 
The star wants center stage but the moon will not be phased. 
What to do?

Center Stage

No need to wait for your moment in the spotlight... shine from within.

Seasonal Time Change

The calendar may say Springtime but looming Fall Season showtime schedules bring pumpkins into full bloom around here and I couldn't be happier. 


With a happy heart I bid a fond farewell to these little SweetHearts.
Thank you to those who stopped by my ETSY shop today. Your support of the handmade industry and unexpected generosity is very much appreciated. 

~ Happy Valentine's Day ~

Valentine Sweethearts

Four little Valentine Sweethearts will be available in my ETSY shop
Saturday, Feb. 6th at 10:am (PST)

New Beginnings

The New Year is well on its way, time to start anew. The studio has been cleaned out and organized. The calendar is filling with projects, playtime and show date deadlines. I am happy to finally get out of my head and back to the drawing board. All those fantastical ideas that have been marinating in my imagination over the holiday break will finally get to see the light of day... hurrah!

Before I get to some serious mischief making I wanted to share this lovely and liberalizing passage from the book, Big Magic written by the very wise and ├╝ber creative Elizabeth Gilbert...

"What you produce is not necessarily always sacred... 
What is sacred is the time you spend working on a project, and what that time does to expand your imagination, and what the expanded imagination does to transform your life. The more lightly you can pass that time, the brighter your existence becomes." 

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Celebration of Winter

The brushes have been cleaned and the paint lids screwed on tight with one final twist.
Another creative season has come to an end. Festive times lie ahead with family, friends
and moments of reflection.

I wish to thank you all for watching, listening and cheering me on through my artful adventures. Wishing you joy in your life, hope in your heart and peace in our world.

Happy Holidays!