Retail Therapy

The primary purpose of retail therapy is to improve the buyer's mood or disposition. 

Sometimes just adding a little party hat to your wardrobe can lift your spirits.

...and let's face it, a bucket of candy corn is never out of style.

Now let's get this party started! 

Clown Ornament

When is it socially acceptable to decorate for Halloween... 
or is that just a silly question?

American Folk Art Festival

Most creative types would agree that sustaining a viable career as an artist 
is a challenging pursuit. We work tirelessly, often alone, in order to perfect our craft. 
Blissful moments are often followed by moments of doubt. Our days consist of 
numerous trials, countless errors and occasional moments of magic.

Luckily, several times a year we have the good fortune to step out of our studios 
and congregate at some truly stellar art venues that celebrate our passions. 
For a few precious moments we have an opportunity to connect and share with
our counterparts and patrons. Four weeks from today I will have the pleasure to meet up
with many well-traveled Halloween enthusiasts at The American Folk Art Festival.
Join me in the vineyard for an afternoon of frivolity!

Toys in the Attic

Thick as thieves these wee ones are. 

All smiles for the camera but I wouldn't trust them alone for too long.

•  •  •  •  

Just shy of 6" tall and light as a feather. To see how they were constructed,
hop on over to my INSTAGRAM

Caged Crow

The gleam of intelligence in his little black eye leads me to think that 
this clever circus performer won't be caged for long. 


Caged Circus Crow 
debuting under the big white top September 6th at the 

Halloween Folk Art Shows

Trick or Treating destinations for the insatiable collector of one-of-a-kind holiday art.

  2014 Fall Season Halloween Art Shows    

Star Struck

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. GALILEO


You don't always have to wait until dark to see the stars
but you will have to wait until September to get your hands on one.

A small cluster of these tubby twinklers will be visible during daylight hours
at The American Folk Art Festival in September.
Come join us in the vineyard for an afternoon of wine, chocolates and a
frightfully festive display of holiday art by a stellar group of artists.

The Next Big Thing

Finally done clowning around with the Halloween ornaments...

... on to the next big thing. 
Ornaments will be available at The American Folk Art Festival.

Halloween Ornaments

Multiplying on my work bench this morning, a dozen or so Halloween Ornaments.

The Art of the Selfie

There are a few things you should know about the art of taking a good selfie.

Choose a well lit area. Natural light is best. 

Avoid making the infamous Duck Face.

Play with your angles to show off your good side.

and watch out for those photo-bombing tricksters.

Come to the American Folk Art Festival this September to meet these
 Pumpkin Patch Pranksters for yourself.


... I would not be just a nuffin'
My head all full of stuffin' ...

HayMan with his large head and not so large brain will be tagging
along with me this September with fellow Pumpkin Patch Pranksters.
Follow along for fantastical previews and updates.
Show details to be announced shortly.

I could while away the hours... but deadlines await.

•          •

Costume Fittings

The Pumpkin Patch Pranksters are awfully fidgety during their fitting session. 
I can't blame them... the process of costuming is a slow one. With so many details 
to consider, costumes are redesigned and evolve as the character is revealed.

Jack in Progress

I find his mischievous grin a bit unsettling. Maybe we should spend some
time apart before one of us does something we'll soon regret.

Staying ahead of the game.

The sun is shining and the weather is warm on this blue sky day.
Feels a bit more like Summer than Spring, tempting me to throw out today's
work schedule and head outdoors. It's always days like these that challenge
me to be still and focus on my tasks at hand. But I'm not complaining.
Even though my work keeps me indoors, sculpting makes me I feel
as though I still have the opportunity to play.

Happy Halloween

 •    •  
The magic night when folly reigns supreme,
the pumpkin heads are all alight
the stars are all agleam.
  •    •  

Wishing you all an evening of festive folly, filled with 
merriment that will haunt you for a lifetime.