Baby Boo Pumpkins

A simple and inexpensive holiday decorating tip.
Try your hand at arranging Baby Boo Pumpkins peeking out of festive crates with colorful found foliage picked up from the outdoors. 

Harvest Home

Welcome to a preview of my Harvest home decked out for The Home Depot Style Challenge. 
I hope you are inspired to try your hand at some DIY projects that you see posted below or in the many other wonderful Style Challenge posts located on the Home Depot Apron Blog.

To read about my journey through the Style Challenge process and to see photos of two other Harvest design mantle variations click HERE.

Harvest is a time for gathering. A time when food, family and friends are far more important than getting things done. 

Autumn is a time of abundance. Bundle up and explore the outdoors. Gather up the fallen foliage and bring them into your home then snuggle up and sit by the fire... even if it's just candlelit.

Create space in your life for joy and surround yourself with things that make you merry.

It is my personal belief that you can never have too many pumpkins in the garden.

Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes... even handmade miniature ones. 

These hefty Pottery Pumpkin Luminaries can be used in multiple ways. I grouped them here as a festive patio divider. 

 I also used them as a base for a display shelf and a prop for a window box which can be seen by following this link HERE.

String lights illuminate the borders of the garden.

Grapevine pumpkins hung from shepherds hooks are used to anchor the multiple strands of twinkling lights. To see how this simple DIY project was assembled follow this link HERE.

Perhaps my favorite DIY project was installing the café string lights over the patio. 

Head over to the Home Depot Apron Blog to see how this project came together and to see the completed patio at night time.

All aglow and ready for twilight gatherings that can now extend late into night thanks to the addition of the glimmering lights and the Harvest home décor provided by The Home Depot. 

For more holiday inspiration take a peek at The Home Depot Pinterest page.
Happy Holidays!

Feathering your nest

Assembling place settings for the Harvest table made easy with help from Mother Nature.

Halloween Pumpkin Head Dolls

Quite possibly the only guy around who isn't craving all things pumpkin.

Baby Boo Pumpkins

Another lovely day in the garden playing around with Baby Boo Pumpkin and mini urns.

Home Depot Style Harvest Challenge

A small preview of what I've been working on the past few weeks. 
Check back Oct 20th for the big reveal.

Study in White

Experimenting with a toned down color palette for Halloween.
Dreamy don't you think?

By candlelight

Studio by candlelight. 
Burning the midnight oil once again. Wouldn't it be fun to actually work by candlelight? 
Just in theory of course... unless, I had lots and lots and lots of candles.

Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge

Harvest decor spilling into the garden. Finishing up the Home Depot 
Halloween Style Challenge. The big reveal is coming soon.
Happy Harvesting!

Heed the Call

Time to take my new broom out for a test drive, dust off the cobwebs, and gather up some 
seasonal magic. Be back in a spell... I promise. 

{Broom and Pumpkin acquired from the über talented Charlene Geiger}

Halloween Treats

You want a piece of me? Well today's the day.
Stop by my ETSY shop for some Halloween treats.

Jointed Pumpkin Ornaments

All smiles today. The last of the mini jointed ornaments are complete. 
All that remains to be done is to sign, tag, shoot and bag. 
Then it's showtime folks!

What's trending...

Trending for Fall... jaggedy smiles, untidy appearance and a frightful disposition. 

When you wish upon a star

According to my iCalendar, today I should be signing, tagging and photographing the inventory for the American Folk Art Festival so that tomorrow I would be prepared for step 5 out of, I'd rather not fess up to, tasks on my countdown to showtime schedule.

If wishing made it so...

I wish I could say that I was on schedule. I wish that I could say that things were proceeding as planned. I am most comfortable when things do. But as you and I both know, that is seldom the case.
Looks like Labor Day weekend will be just that. Me. Laboring. Thanking my stars I really, really 
love what I do. 

So here's another delightfully imperfect piece from the Tattered Tot series, sitting patiently in need of love. Enjoy, for it may be the last character previewed before showtime unless of course,
fate steps in and stars align.

Retail Therapy

The primary purpose of retail therapy is to improve the buyer's mood or disposition. 

Sometimes just adding a little party hat to your wardrobe can lift your spirits.

...and let's face it, a bucket of candy corn is never out of style.

Now let's get this party started! 

Clown Ornament

When is it socially acceptable to decorate for Halloween... 
or is that just a silly question?