Pumpkin Patch Kid

Why is it that when I carve out time for my mind to wander it goes straight to pumpkins?

Stars of Halloween

You know it's going to be a good day when you create stars and wishes and magical things 
all before breakfast.

Comfort and Joy

Time to get up off the mat and begin anew. The fact that the merriest season of the year is before me is a timely and welcomed distraction. Surrounding myself with some jolly happy souls seems like a good place to start.


May your heart be light and your treat bag heavy on this most magical day 
of mischief and merriment... Happy Halloween! 

Halloween Tricksters

~ Works in progress ~

Having fun today finishing up the last of the Halloween Tattered Teenies for 2016.
 details on availability coming soon • 

November is one week from today and so begins production for all things merry and bright.

Heart-shaped Pumpkin

On the 15th day of Halloween my true love gave to me...
a heart-shaped Casper Pumpkin.

~ Perfection ~

Thank you Great-Pumpkin-Fairy-GodFarmer!