Costume Fittings

The Pumpkin Patch Pranksters are awfully fidgety during their fitting session. 
I can't blame them... the process of costuming is a slow one. With so many details 
to consider, costumes are redesigned and evolve as the character is revealed.

Jack in Progress

I find his mischievous grin a bit unsettling. Maybe we should spend some
time apart before one of us does something we'll soon regret.

Staying ahead of the game.

The sun is shining and the weather is warm on this blue sky day.
Feels a bit more like Summer than Spring, tempting me to throw out today's
work schedule and head outdoors. It's always days like these that challenge
me to be still and focus on my tasks at hand. But I'm not complaining.
Even though my work keeps me indoors, sculpting makes me I feel
as though I still have the opportunity to play.

Happy Halloween

 •    •  
The magic night when folly reigns supreme,
the pumpkin heads are all alight
the stars are all agleam.
  •    •  

Wishing you all an evening of festive folly, filled with 
merriment that will haunt you for a lifetime.

Halloween Treat Bags

Beautifully crafted vintage inspired felt bags from Ivy, Twig & Twine.

Halloween Tree Decor

Oh Halloween Tree, how lovely are your branches. 
Decorating the tree today with ornaments I've been collecting for more than 
20 years. Festive reproductions commingle beautifully with precious originals. 
More photos available on my FaceBook page.

Masked Wonders

Most creative types would agree that sustaining a viable career as
an artist remains a challenging pursuit. We work tirelessly, often
alone, in order to perfect our craft. There are blissful moments and there
are moments of doubt. Our days consist of numerous trials, countless
errors and occasional moments of magic.

Luckily, several times a year we have the good fortune to step out of
our studios and congregate at some truly stellar art venues that
celebrate our passions. For a few precious hours we have an opportunity
to connect and share with our counterparts and collectors. This year
at Halloween & Vine I had the pleasure to meet up with many well-traveled
Halloween enthusiasts. Their smiles, laughter and kind words of
encouragement reminded me once again of the joyful connections
that we all make in the pursuit of artful living.

Pictured above are leather-works from the ΓΌber talented Annie Libertini.
I was thrilled to meet Annie in person and to see her exquisite,
creations beautifully displayed firsthand.

Halloween Decorating

There's a chill in the air on this blustery October morning. The leaves 
are swirling about and cloudy skies are looming. This nudge from 
Mother nature is just what I needed to begin, or rather continue decorating 
for the Halloween Season. For me, Halloween is more of a lifestyle than 
a holiday so let's just say there will be more than the usual amount 
of pumpkins on parade. 

Spun cotton pumpkins by Charlene Geiger.
I fondly refer to Charlene as my dealer because I am so addicted 
to her lovely and unique autumnal orbs.

Pumpkin Patch

I could have spent the better part of my day just playing around 
in this pile of Ornamental Gourds. Wishing now that I brought 
home the whole lovely bin. 

Halloween Art

Click on PHOTO or HERE to go to Online Sale Site.

To make a purchase email me with the title of piece in the subject window or in the email.

Purchases will be made in the order they are received. 
PayPal and credit card payments accepted. I will email PayPal
invoices after confirmation of purchase.

Halloween Originals

Join me tomorrow for an Online Sale Event.
The last of my Halloween creations will go on sale at 10am {WEST COAST}.
Time to clear out the studio to make room for my Christmas creations... HoHoHo!

      •   •   •   •   

And as a special gift to those of you who were unable to attend Halloween & Vine
I will be offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING tomorrow only on all purchases.

Halloween & Vine 2013

What a time it was . . .
A heartfelt Thank You to one and all for making my world a happier place.
Your kindness and generosity was unexpected and much appreciated. 

More photos from the show posted on Facebook and Pinterest.

Congratulations Elaine L... winner of the BOO BLOCKS giveaway.


Scarecrow uniform: floppy cloth hat, stiff straw collar and pointy pitch fork... check.
Job description: ability to discourage birds from feeding on crops... umm, not so much.

Come see Scarecrow and his hooligan pals at Halloween & Vine.

Road Trip

The buggy cart is packed and ready to hit the road.
See you Saturday at Halloween & Vine