Halloween Tricksters

~ Works in progress ~

Having fun today finishing up the last of the Halloween Tattered Teenies for 2016.
 details on availability coming soon • 

November is one week from today and so begins production for all things merry and bright.

Heart-shaped Pumpkin

On the 15th day of Halloween my true love gave to me...
a heart-shaped Casper Pumpkin.

~ Perfection ~

Thank you Great-Pumpkin-Fairy-GodFarmer!

Scarecrow Festival

Either this Scarecrow didn't understand the job description or is taking a stand against stereotypes. 

A Happy Discovery

My garden has been neglected for way too long. While I've been away I discovered that Mother Nature has been hard at work creating beautiful art all on her own. I came across these dried out little gems while cleaning out the garden room preparing for Fall. As with many old and decrepit things, I am in love and cannot bear to toss them. If there were a way to preserve these mini pumpkins in their diminishing state I would do so, but something tells me it is best to simply enjoy the beauty in their withering.