Poetic Design

Often the smallest, most seemingly insignificant details are the very things that hold the greatest power. It's the curly tendrils that draw me in like a tractor beam while pursuing the perfect pumpkin. I recently learned that the purpose of the tendril is to protect the pumpkin from wind by twisting itself around fences, posts, and plants. A secure anchor of sorts. I always thought the tendrils were merely a delicate and frivolous extensions of the stem, a character adding accessory. I am happy to discover that the function of the wispy structure isn't decorative at all but actually the lifeline to the survival of the pumpkin. These deceptively whimsical threadlike forms pack enormous physical strength. Uncovering this illusionary and poetic design of delicate strength makes me love these little Jacks just a wee bit more. 

Petite Pumpkins

These enchanting petite pumpkins have put a spell on me. Such a big impact from such a little thing.

Halloween Rustic Charm

No statue is left undone when dressing the home in Halloween.

Skull and Bones

Arranging vignettes of peculiar fragments and found objects that I've gathered over the years.

Pumpkin Patch

Discovered a local neighborhood treasure just off the main road in Napa.
Big Ranch Farms offers "farm to table" freshly harvested vegetables, fresh cut flowers and pumpkins of every shape, size and unbelievable color. I may have gone a little overboard but who could resist these beauties... not me!

Baby Boo Pumpkin

Dusty eggplant, moss green and burnt orange... pumpkin palette finery.

Halloween Tree Decorations

Who's ready to decorate? I am! How is it that just when I'm getting ready to decorate for Halloween the stores are preparing for Christmas? Enjoy the spirits of this season while you can.

Fall Sale Event

One of the many challenges I deal with as an artist is social confinement. I need time away from social interaction in order to tap into that wondrous, creative muse. I work when inspiration strikes, I work when inspiration eludes. It is ironic to think that the very thing I distance myself from, is the very thing I need in order to survive. It is a constant challenge to find that delicate balance between self promotion and protected privacy. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing images of my creative process as I prepared for tonights sale event. 
I am forever astonished by the continued support of my tribe. I cherish each and every "like, heart and comment" that comes my way. Your inspirational words and actions make the whole social aspect of my work much easier to embrace. 

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House Party at Pumpkin Palace tonight!
6:pm {west coast} 


All smiles today with the prospect of future travels!
Scarecrow Doll available for purchase tomorrow in ETSY.

Circus Life

Gearing up for another bout of separation anxiety. It's the price we pay for living this artful life. Peddling our goods like gypsies, traveling about like circus performers... 
wouldn't have it any other way.

Pumpkin Clown 
•  •  Available Friday in ETSY •  •

I am a food snob. There, I said it. I enjoy whole, fresh foods. Nothing from a package. Ever. 
I am never tempted by store bought cookies or cakes. If I want a sweet treat I'll make it myself. My second favorite room in the house is the kitchen. I know how to rock an apron and roll out dough.
The kitchen is my delicious playground.


There is one seasonal temptation that I am ashamed to admit, grabs hold of me with a vengeance and tests my resolve like no other. I have some... shall we say issues with Candy Corn. What is it about this horrid little half-inch, multicolored triangle that renders me powerless? It brings me no pleasure to admit that I have been CandCorn clean for over 3 years. But the seduction is ever present. 

I find creating CandCorn themed art therapeutic. All of the pleasure without any downtime detoxing from bag binging. Well maybe not "all of the pleasure,"... let's not kid ourselves. 

Candy Corn Cottage
• • Coming to Etsy September 18th • •