Theatrical Production

This week I'm taking on the role of stagehand with a series of mini theatrical productions. 
I have to admit that behind the scenes, this will be a fun week indeed.

Crescent Moon & Star Pumpkin Theater
•  •  Available soon •  • 

Examining the Evidence

The details of last night are a bit sketchy. Woke up this morning to find bare body parts here, there and everywhere on my worktable and dried clay bits under my fingernails. Examining the evidence affirms that some serious shenanigans took place into the wee hours. 
The countdown to Halloween has begun.

•  •  Jointed Halloween Ornaments  •  •
Available soon

Shelf life of a Pumpkin

These high fiber pumpkin cupcakes are the perfect healthy holiday treat,
all of the enjoyment without any of the guilt. 

•  •  Sell-by date coming soon •  •

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Whipping up a small batch of Pumpkin Cupcakes. 
... available soon....

For too long this wee Jack has been resting on the corner of my desk, neglected yet cheery smile hopeful that one day soon I will sit down in my creaky chair and bring him to life. 

A thousand reasons have made it easy for me to pass on by without guilt but not so easy to silence that ever-present yearning to create. How lucky am I to have the opportunity to begin again everyday.

Holiday Cheer

May you be blessed with whatever you wish for most.
Merry Christmas!

A long winter's nap

This will be me, at the end of today, after my final sale for the year.
I think I know how Santa feels on December 26.

Last sale event for the year, Sunday, Dec 14th at noon in my ETSY SHOP.

Thank you one and all for another extraordinary year.
May peace and joy be yours during this glorious season and the coming New Year.

Holiday Gingerbread

Catch me if you can...

A small collection of Yuletide ornaments will be available for purchase 
Sunday, Dec 14th in my ETSY SHOP.

Happy Holidays!

Dreaded Christmas Family Portrait

Taking the Christmas family portrait is always a challenge. Keeping everyone looking fresh in their holiday attire is no small task. There is always one in the bunch that you can count on for a dose of silly shenanigans that always seems to lighten the mood and somehow produce the best candid smiles. 

Finishing up a final batch of Top Hatted Merry Misfits and a small collection of jointed ornaments that will be listed in Etsy. More details to come soon.
Happy Holidays!

Tubby Twinkle Stars

Possibly the only stars that are pleased to be pleasantly plump. 

Tubby Twinkle Stars available for purchase on Small Business Saturday, August 29th
6:pm (California) at my Etsy Shop.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Chimney Sweep

It is a good idea to keep the chimney free from soot just in case a late night visitor in a red velvet suit drops in unexpectedly.