A Happy Discovery

My garden has been neglected for way too long. While I've been away I discovered that Mother Nature has been hard at work creating beautiful art all on her own. I came across these dried out little gems while cleaning out the garden room preparing for Fall. As with many old and decrepit things, I am in love and cannot bear to toss them. If there were a way to preserve these mini pumpkins in their diminishing state I would do so, but something tells me it is best to simply enjoy the beauty in their withering.

Country Sampler Magazine

Several months back I was contacted by the Special Projects Director at Country Sampler requesting permission to publish this photo which I shot several years ago of a wall display I created in my studio. Well of course I said yes, not only because it is always a treat being published in a magazine but also because it features my favorite collection of spun cotton pumpkins by my dear friend
Charlene Geiger. 

Charlene is a super talented artist, (yes I said ARTIST Charlene) admired by many. She has a gentle spirit and kind soul and although we only see one another once maybe twice a year there is an instant connection upon reuniting. Charlene will understand this when I say that I'm pretty certain we are going to end up being best friends or cell mates... either way, I'm okay with that.

2016 American Folk Art Festival Photo Album

I'm not sure if it was the wine, the weather or the guests but 2016 American Folk Art Festival was the most enjoyable Halloween Art Show thus far. The laid back vibe made for a pleasurable afternoon strolling the aisles, visiting with artists and collectors. The most challenging aspect of the day was purchasing decisions from all the many wonderful treasures displayed.

To see the complete photo album head on over to my Facebook page. Over 100 photos up for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!