I am a food snob. There, I said it. I enjoy whole, fresh foods. Nothing from a package. Ever. 
I am never tempted by store bought cookies or cakes. If I want a sweet treat I'll make it myself. My second favorite room in the house is the kitchen. I know how to rock an apron and roll out dough.
The kitchen is my delicious playground.


There is one seasonal temptation that I am ashamed to admit, grabs hold of me with a vengeance and tests my resolve like no other. I have some... shall we say issues with Candy Corn. What is it about this horrid little half-inch, multicolored triangle that renders me powerless? It brings me no pleasure to admit that I have been CandCorn clean for over 3 years. But the seduction is ever present. 

I find creating CandCorn themed art therapeutic. All of the pleasure without any downtime detoxing from bag binging. Well maybe not "all of the pleasure,"... let's not kid ourselves. 

Candy Corn Cottage
• • Coming to Etsy September 18th • •


greekwitch said...

Wow! No junk of any kind? Ever? You are amazing!

Tamara Dozier said...

I too have been candy corn free for a few years. Loe your "candy corn" therapy. :)

By Way of Salem said...

Oh to have your discipline! Love your little "candy corn" creations!