Fall Sale Event

One of the many challenges I deal with as an artist is social confinement. I need time away from social interaction in order to tap into that wondrous, creative muse. I work when inspiration strikes, I work when inspiration eludes. It is ironic to think that the very thing I distance myself from, is the very thing I need in order to survive. It is a constant challenge to find that delicate balance between self promotion and protected privacy. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing images of my creative process as I prepared for tonights sale event. 
I am forever astonished by the continued support of my tribe. I cherish each and every "like, heart and comment" that comes my way. Your inspirational words and actions make the whole social aspect of my work much easier to embrace. 

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House Party at Pumpkin Palace tonight!
6:pm {west coast} 


Laura said...

Oh, I went on Etsy early this afternoon and thought I'd missed your update! I'm so glad I haven't. Now to remember to go on later and check.

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

So very well said! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and truth. As an artist, I share the same challenge- constantly trying to find a balance. I will check out your goods this eve, and am very excited to journey to Ghoultide and check it out this year!!
Happy Autumn,
Tattered Moon