Masked Wonders

Most creative types would agree that sustaining a viable career as
an artist remains a challenging pursuit. We work tirelessly, often
alone, in order to perfect our craft. There are blissful moments and there
are moments of doubt. Our days consist of numerous trials, countless
errors and occasional moments of magic.

Luckily, several times a year we have the good fortune to step out of
our studios and congregate at some truly stellar art venues that
celebrate our passions. For a few precious hours we have an opportunity
to connect and share with our counterparts and collectors. This year
at Halloween & Vine I had the pleasure to meet up with many well-traveled
Halloween enthusiasts. Their smiles, laughter and kind words of
encouragement reminded me once again of the joyful connections
that we all make in the pursuit of artful living.

Pictured above are leather-works from the ├╝ber talented Annie Libertini.
I was thrilled to meet Annie in person and to see her exquisite,
creations beautifully displayed firsthand.

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CraBBy GaBBy said...

Most creative types would agree that sustaining a viable career as
an artist remains a challenging pursuit. We work tirelessly, often
alone, in order to perfect our craft. There are blissful moments and there
are moments of doubt. Our days consist of numerous trials, countless
errors and occasional moments of magic.

Wow, this is so beautiful how you put this, if you don't mind I am going to quote you on this.

I just love when you take feelings and articulate them into words. This speaks volumes to me.

happy Halloween