Daylight Savings

It is hard to believe that it's Friday once again. Another week has come and gone and yet not a single item has been crossed off my project list. As a matter of fact, just the opposite. In the past several weeks I have begun more projects than I dare to admit, all in various stages of completion. At times like these I truly admire my fellow artists with their tightly run assembly line productions... sigh. 

I am hopeful that the time change on Sunday will be the linchpin to my lack of focus and reign in my overactive monkey mind. With the additional hour of daylight streaming through my studio windows 
I am sure to be more efficiently productive. Sounds good in theory don't you think?


Lenore62 said...

i find this creation particulary succeded!!!
congratulation! ^^

Carlin said...

Hi, Melissa~
Great post! I certainly know what you mean by chasing your tail in the production department. It is really difficult to say "Whoa" to all the wonderful creative inspiration that just seems to flow in but sometimes it turns into a tsunami. By the looks of things (your wonderful Pumpkinhead creation on your post), you have things under control. Right now things are somewhat quiet but when the warm weather sets in, the outdoors will start whining for attention in gardens and outdoor maintenance. We will long for these quieter indoor days. Hang in there ... you look like you are in better shape that you realize from my perspective.
Good luck and happy creating!