Halloween Folk Art Show and Tell

Candy corn for breakfast... not a good idea.

That's what I had yesterday, so today I'm paying the price...uugh. In hindsight I should have just googled candy corn images for visual reference because honestly I couldn't remember the order of the colors. I knew that the tip was white but was fuzzy on the salient details of the positions of the orange and yellow... sad but true. After yesterdays binge I believe that I've got it now. At least I had fun finishing up another character while nibbling on my research.
Blog Sale details coming soon.


Ron Anger said...

I love his face! He's so friggin' cute!

jenclair said...

I love research! Great character- kind of a clown pumpkin!

Halloween Fanatic said...

So cool! I am loving my fellows! Will there be any Hooligans at the Web Sale??? Hope so... Robert

Snugglebug Blessings said...

So darling and just know you aren't the first to indulge in candy corn for breakfast. LOL! Hope you are getting better. He is just darling and I say worth every corn eaten.

Peata said...

what a cute little ugly. lol. how can you not love him.
love all the bits n pieces on your blog.
Holidays forever i say.