Deck the Halls

Balls of Folly
Making my way down the list. No need to check it 
twice. The hurry, scurry holiday rush has already begun. 
Next week my house will be full of rambunctious
relations, piles of dirty plates, and linens in need 
of ironing. I will rise early to make ready my holiday 
home, welcome my guests with open arms, 
bask in the glow of holiday cheer and once again
be reminded of the moments that matter most.


Patrick wanggai said...

Halloween is scary fun at the same time

Patrick wanggai said...

Halloween is fun

Colleen said...

Hope you had a great holiday season Melissa. Happy New Year!

Meryem Psychic said...

I am very excited for Halloween. I will have a costume contest on that day. And will give the prize to the winner of this contest.