Artist Workshop

The numbness in my fingertips has finally subsided
but the memories of this fun-filled "Artist Workshop" 
weekend will undoubtedly last a lifetime. 

Don't let these smiling faces fool you. These dolls
were no walk in the park ...but what fun we had for 
two glorious days of what I fondly refer to as 
"Dollie Boot Camp." With Colleen as our guide 
we cut, and glued, sculpted and painted. We stitched 
and ironed, adorned and assembled. We took notes 
at lectures, revealed tricks of the trade and shared 
stories of our artful journeys.  

Colleen will be teaching only two more classes 
this year. Treat yourself if you have the opportunity.
You will come away with a treasured doll, a new
set of skills and an ever-growing circle of friends. 


crazylegs418 said...

I really love what you made! It captures the spirit of the season fantastically! The whole blog is great, reminds me of my Halloween one a bit too. Keep up the fun :)

Zan Asha said...

Super beautiful dolls! You are amazing, and it sounds like you had fun, too!

Elena said...

So beautiful dolls, perfect for Halloween.

Lisa said...

I love them! it's the adventure of creating that is half the fun, and the end results, superb.


Jo said...

Your creations are fantastic! Thanks for a chance to win something from you! Happy Halloween to you & yours! Hope you'll drop by,