Halloween Decor Edited

A hint of a holiday approaching.

Distractions become tempered by clean 
and simple vignettes.

Inspired by the notion that simplicity and 
clarity lead to good design I find myself greatly 
editing this season's holiday decor. The vibrant, 
joyfully jumbled displays have been supplanted 
with understated arrangements subtly woven 
throughout my home. The temptation to display 
my entire Halloween collection is strong but 
I am finding the change refreshing and the 
shift in perspective illuminating.


Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Sometime we have to step back from what we love in order to embrace it. Have fun with it.

Jonas said...

Sometimes less ends up being much, much more!

John Green said...

great blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts.... Keep up the good work...

jaxiejax said...

Love, love your thoughts on this one. I feel the same way, however, have not come to terms with the feeling of simplicity. I have not put out my Halloween display yet, but will this weekend, even if it's for only 2 days. I may however, have to heed to the simplicity factor since its so late in the month. I have a wonderful collection of items/art. Your artwork is perfection and joy! Love jaxiejax. (jaxiejax.com)