Love at first sight

So there I was, sleepwalking through my mundane 
chores, meandering through the all too familiar maze 
of predictable produce and elegantly displayed 
dead things behind glass, when I literally ran 
into a floor display of these beautiful bottles. My
heart skipped a beat as I reached out with both 
hands and grabbed a bottle to add to my Halloween
wine collection... or so I thought. Turns out this
black beauty is an Ale.... but who cares. Some things
are just too wonderful to pass up, don't you think?


SparkleFarkle said...

Cool! I saw a bottle of Reisling at the grocery store that has me seriously considering the start-up of collecting Halloweenie wine bottles. The decanter looks like a long-tall witchy black cat! Perhaps it's already part of your collection? HERE, <--I've googled it for you. Isn't it enchanting?! (Or should I say bewitching??) This particular web site asks for about $5 more than super markets do. Think we should buy it? ME, TOO!


Haunted Swamp Designs said...

I would have grabbed it up with shaking hands too!!!! Cool bottle!

Michaele said...

As an Alaskan, I totally approve!


Lisa Berberette said...

Love the bottle! I've thought about starting a Hallowen wine collection..but don't have room for the bottles...any way to at least get the labels off to save? So wonderful!

Sonia ;) said...

Oh Melissa...LOVE IT!!!!

Beverley said...

Beautiful bottle. It's a pity we don't have this where I live (Belgium).