Play date

It seems not so long ago that I was arranging
play dates for my wee ones. And then in a
blink of an eye they miraculously grew up
and became every mother's dream of being
self sufficient... (big, beaming smile)

So being on the eternal quest for finding
balance, fairness and all that is good
and right with the world, I decided to
schedule a play date of my very own.
And who better to play with than the sweet
and gregarious master dollmaker herself,
the one and only Colleen Moody.

Colleen is hosting a "workshop" slash play
date in her lovely home studio on Saturday
with a handful of lucky ladies (that would be me).
She will be walking us through the steps
and techniques for creating her sweet
signature bird doll. I am positively giddy
with bats in my belly! I felt like a kid in
a candy store as I shopped for my fabrics
and trimmings pictured above.
Oh the possibilities...



Ooooh. That sounds like so much fun. And the trims and findings you have pictured look promising for a wonderful creation! Have a grand time! ~ Angela

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Lucky Lucky Lady!
Can't wait to see your version!


Lisa said...

I'm jealous! I'd love to book a play date like that, especially with Colleen, have a great time,

Arijonia said...

Sounds interesting-can't wait to see what you create!!


Thespa McLaughlin said...

I'm hiding in your bag of tricks so I can sneak in. What fun! I'm sure you lucky gals will have a great time!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

So hope you had a great time...silly me, of course you did!!! Pictures?!!! Sharing?!!!