Converse with Nature

Spring has been whispering of Winter's end for weeks now
as I've been keeping a weather eye on the garden for signs
of its arrival. I am happy to state, with a fair amount of
certainty, (fingers crossed) that Spring has finally taken hold.
Time for me to brush off my dusty dungarees, fill the wheel
barrel with pointy tools, strap on my oh so stylish
straw hat and head outside to tend to a much neglected
garden... or what I commonly refer to as my happy place.

Art pieces will be scarce during the next few weeks as I
juggle life's transient diversions and work out the details
of an exciting new venture. In the mean time I will be
adding a few more small pieces in my ETSY shop
later this evening.

Sending warm wishes and promises of an early Spring!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait until I KNOW the snow is done for the season!! Then I will do the Happy Dance.....
Love the graphics!!
Have a Wonderful Week!

SparkleFarkle said...

Alas, I will truly miss all the snowy flakes...

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Gorgeous graphics. My favorite!