A serendipitous encounter

I love to cook and I love to bake. Some of my favorite
memories are of afternoons spent in kitchens with
family and friends quenching the appetite of body
and spirit. Every now and then I come across a site
that has me wishing that I could be like Alice and step
through my monitor into the wonderland of blogs.
Brooke McLay's Tongue and Cheeky blog is
one of those kick off your shoes, pull up a chair and
help yourself to something yummy kind of sites.
Brooke is hysterical, not the running around the kitchen
with her hair on fire hysterical, (although I'm sure she's got
a story or two to tell that may in fact include flaming
flammables and singed body parts) but funny in her
wit and wisdom that lighten your heart. She's ├╝ber
talented in the culinary arts and is always whipping
up something extraordinary and eager to share like her
• • • •
• • • •
recipe that can be found by clicking HERE.
To read more about Brooke in her tell all interview
(well maybe not all but definitely a good bit) click HERE
then head to the store for those Butterscotch Chips.
You'll be glad you did!


Tongue-N-Cheeky said...

Wondrous Holiday Queen! Thank you for such a lovely post. It's a PLEASURE to connect with you via the www for a day. Such a treat!

Tongue-N-Cheeky said...

Oh! And...reminder! Reminder to your readers!

There's an interview that's all Valeriote. Can you be sure to send them my way?!


Teresa said...

Hi Holiday Queen!
Ooooh! Butterscotch!
You don't come across many recipes with butterscotch...you actually forget how divine it is!
Thanks for sharing!
Popping over to visit your friend!

DellaRae said...

Thanks for sharing this blog. It looks like it will be one of my new favorites.

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing Brooke, Melissa. I love her stories, and left with a happy clear head. It was like I had just meditated.


MadameSamm said...

WEll my dear, I love to cook and love to make dolls, so I may have found the perfect place to visit...
Butterscotch pie is a fav in Quebec known as sugar pie...so I am in...

blessings great blog
madame samm

Jamica said...

What a beautiful blog! Brooke is a dear friend and I know that connecting with amazing folk such as yourself bring her the biggest smiles! I loved reading about you on her blog... if only I had 1/100th of your creativity!