Halloween Novelty

I love unexpected surprises. Not the kind you
get when a bat dive bombs your head while on
your evening walk but the subtle heart warming,
just because, put a smile on your face kind.
Inspired to combine the element of surprise with
the worn out look of childhood toys that spark
imagination and wonderment, I created a small
series of Halloween novelties. The first of this
series is now on eBay.

Click on photo for details on Wooden Boo Pull Out Toy.


Anonymous said...

I am always excited to see what you come up with next!! Truly a gift to this universe, you are!!!
I am still loving the magic wand I bought from you a few years ago. I have used it to ward off people I do not want in my life and also to lose some unwanted pounds!! Works like a charm.



Kris Dickinson said...

Absolutely wonderful! - Kris

laterg8r said...

very cool :D

By Way of Salem said...

You're just so darned clever! And I love your quip about a bat dive bombing your head. LOL! Funny girl!

Lynn Stevens said...

Those darn bats. I hate it when they do that! Love your little boo box!

Carrie said...

How fun!!!

Benedetta said...

wow! These are fantastic!! Love that vintage look! They would look amazing displayed this Halloween

Tammy said...

Oh I love these boxes and the sweet thought behind them. So glad you stopped by my blog or I may not have gotten to see your wonderful place here.

Moi said...

Fantastic! I just discover this blog and found fantastic things on it! Will save to my favorites so that I can get back when I want!