Halloween Crowns

The gothic hues of black and white have got
me spellbound. Eternally appealing for their
dramatic look, the combination of black and
white blurs the boundary from contemporary
class to Victorian gothic. This season I will
be dedicating a small room to black and white
decor. If you need to spark your decorating
imagination go to Ornaments.com for some
holiday collectibles.
Mini Glitter Crowns available in Etsy.


Zan Asha said...

I cannot keep coming to your page Melissa! I am sure I will be a poor woman if I give into these amazing delights of yours!

Aelwyn said...

Way too cute!!!

Victoria Stitch said...

wow crowns! yes! glitter, yes! black and white YES!

Lou Cinda said...

Melissa: I LOVE the crowns!! But I don't see them in your Etsy. Have you sold out? :(

Love your blog!!

Lou Cinda :)