The stars have aligned once again!
Jennifer over at the Prim Pumpkin created this
spectacular cloth Poe doll and then generously
offered it up as a blog giveaway. Lucky me!
Poe now sits very close to my desk next to a flock
of crows and a pile of tattered books. Visit Jennifer's
blog for some Halloween fun and check out her
recent cloth doll creations.


Zan Asha said...

Oooooooh, very lucky indeed! I have envy Melissa--this Poe is amazing! :)

Hibiscus Moon said...

He's adorable!

Jennifer Hepler said...

Edgar looks so happy with you! I drove into the art center where I work this morning and a HUGE beautiful crow danced around me! He truely was amazing and elegant. I thought it might be a sign that Ed made it to you :) Thank you for participating in my giveaway!
Jennie from Prim Pumpkin

Frippery said...

Lucky you. He is very Poeesque.

Designs By CK said...

FUN win piece!

Chris (-:

GumballGrenade said...

Oh my he is amazing! ENVY! I'm off to visit her blog now! P.S. Your blog is such a discovery! Such whimsical work! love it!

Anonymous said...

Love him! I'll be sure to check out her blog!