Send in the Clowns

I bet you didn't know that juggling is one of
my "many" hidden talents. No word play here. I'm
talking about the actual skill of throwing objects
in the air for entertainment. No sharp or flaming
objects, just bean bags, tennis balls or the occasional
lemons from the kitchen. I like how juggling demands
my concentration and for a moment in time I am
consumed with the constant refocusing of my
attention. Studio time has the same effect on me.
Losing myself in the playful magic of creativity
are rare moments as of late but I honor their
coming by giving them my full attention.


sepiadreams said...

Wonderful creation as usual..Must be nice to possess all that talent!!! Love ly work....Hugzz...Tiina...

snippetgirl said...

How cool! I am impressed. I like to make jugglers but i can't juggle :).
Amazing creation, as always!!

Pussycats and Angels said...

Hi Melissa

I just love your creations, you certainly do have an amazing talent and imagination.
I would love to be able to juggle, just don't seem to have the co-ordination though lol....
I'll be back soon.
Have a great weekend

Lynda said...

You couldn't have said that better That's exactly how I feel when I do art. I totally lose track of time and worries. Art and creativity are some of the best things that have ever happened to me.

Lynda said...

Oh and i LOVE your clown! It's awesome :D

Sonia ;) said...


You go the juggling..dont smack urself in the face though...

Sonia ;)