Gorey Details

The Eve of All Hallow's Eve!
There's is just something quite magical about the day before
a holiday. Preparation mode is in full swing and the excitement is
palpable. I'll be spending the day in the kitchen cooking up
some wicked good treats for tomorrow's little tricksters.
Though the weatherman is predicting rain, it will
not dampen our spirits.

This is the last day to enter in the EHAG
Halloween Ghoulish Giveaway.
Best of luck to all who enter!


Donna O. said...

Can I come over for dinner??

Robert said...

I have this book somewhere. I forgot I had it. It is hilarious the little details how each little soul meets their demise!!! Fun read! I am going to have to look for it now!!Robert~Halloween Fanatic

Karen from A`Musements said...

HaPPy HauNTinGs tonITe, MeLiSsA!!!
HoPe YoUR HaLlOwE'eN is SuPeR GhoULeeee!!!

suzeeez said...

I love this picture. :o) Sue