Treat Yourself!

What is it about candy corn? My addiction began while shooting these
treat buckets for my Etsy shop. First it was just eating the pieces that
fell out of the buckets as I was setting up the displays. Then it
progressed to eating the entire content of the bucket and next thing you
know I consumed half the bag before lunch... uugghh! Now suffering
from a major sugar buzz I am regretting every single little piece.
You'd think I'd know better by now. I put myself in this situation
every Halloween and vow to never buy candy corn again...
at least not until next year.


Designs by CK said...

Melissa ~ I was just looking at these on Etsy yesterday. SO CUTE & festive. :)


Mermaid Queen said...

Oh do I love candy corn too, and your little holders are darling.
Take care,

AwtemNymf said...

I'm the same way with the Brach's pumpkin mellowcremes. I love them and you can only get those once a year! I feel ya!
Those crepe paper cups are cute!

Fantastic Figments said...

HAHAH fun post ! My roommate in college was addicted to candy corn and the little Valentine hearts ... and every time she would get sooo sick.. Oh what we do to ourselves for the small pleasure of candy... I am definitely a culprit!


Linda Crispell said...

These treat cups are a throw back to when party supplies were so adorable! I love the black and white candy sticks too.

Sheryl Parsons said...

Love candy corn, and guess what I found lurking in my cupboard? A jar of them....yay! Sometimes I try to save holiday candy to use at Christmas for gingerbread houses. Have you ever made one before?

P.S. Your treat buckets are adorable!

Attic Rat said...

Candy corn is worse than Lays potato chips. You certainly can't eat just one!

Diana said...

LOL how funny, I love Candy corn..How cute!! I just love your creativity! Stop on by my blog and snag a cute award I have given ya!! Diana said...

Those are fantastic! I have a HUGE thing for candy corn!

T=ME said...

Oh I feel your pain. The price one pays for a great shot. Your buckets are so sweet! Love your blog! Terri

Donna O. said...

Hrmph! After meeting you yesterday I'm wondering if you have a hollow leg! Where are you hiding those calories??? Wonderful little candy cups!
So great to see you- thanks so much for coming and again, congratulations on your articles and the great things coming up (wink!)

trash talk said...

Love the cups-reminds me of my Mother getting ready for a ladies day. I think candy corn is one of those vices no one wants to admit to. Try mixing them with peanuts-tastes just like a payday. Debbie