Count down to Halloween!

If you are a Halloween collector, crafter, fan or fanatic then you already know what I'm about to tell you. The Halloween season is upon us. Festive magazines are hitting the newsstands, stores are filling their shelves with treats and treasures and black and orange is once again all the rage. Be still my beating heart. Collectors are out in force, scouring their favorite haunts for those one-of-a-kind Halloween finds. Here are links to my favorite hunting grounds: EHAG, AHAO, PFATT. Enjoy!


Michelle said...

I put away all my sappy spring/summer stuff in my studio and have put out my Halloween crafts in my studio for inspiration. Toward the end of the month we get the rest of the stuff out of storage to decorate the house!

Creepy Margaret said...

I like this guy -- he really pops out at me.