Mr. Moonlight

It is very rare for a full moon to occur on Halloween. It has only occurred in 1925, 1944, 1955, and 1974. The next time it is said to occur is October 31, 2020.


Designs by CK said...

COOL info Melissa! I did not know that about full moons occuring on Halloween! '-)


Mermaid Queen said...

I love Mr. Moonlight! Funny I just wrote about Halloween and the moon on my blog too. Hope you're enjoying Summer with the kids Melissa, and have a great day. ~Martha

Tootie said...

Love a full moon! I'll have to remember that tidbit of information. Mr. Moonlight is awesome! Such personality!
Tootie (the other Melissa)

~dani~ said...

Oh, he is sooo wonderful! I just watched a horror movie with a creepy character named Moon Face and I was thinking about sculpting him!!!
Hey, come peek at my latest blog post and see if you are interested?
Happy Creating~

softinthehead said...

Absolutely a joy...Mr. Moonlight is bright,funny, cheery and a bit on the spooky side..I LOVE IT!!! You capture everything so well. Can I be your friend? I need someone artsy to rub off on me, lol! Pam

Peptogirl said...

good to know! So I should either plan a really big party or hide in my closet that night!

Designs by CK said...

Melissa ~ May your Friday the 13th be filled with magick! '-)

Spooky Hugs,

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Melissa, Mr. Moonlight is the best!
I love his face!!!
Interesting facts about the full moon on Halloween!

Have a good weekend,

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Just found your blog, and I love it! Gorgeous work!


Laurie Hardin said...

You have one of the most wonderful blogs and Mr. Moonlight is a delight. Holiday Queen fits you perfectly!!!

I just got started so finding you and many others from your list of favorites is a visual pleasure.
Please give me a look.


Carolee said...

Ooooh - very cool!

And Mr Moonlight is just enchanting!!

~ Carolee

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Melissa, Nice little tid bit. I didn't know that. 2020 seems so far away. Who doesn't love a full moon.

I love Mr. Moonlight!


nicol sayre said...

The full moon is so magical...who would have thought it would occur so infrequently on Halloween. Thanks for the visit and the moon stories!
best to you...N

Donna O. said...

This guy made me smile! Great name, too.

Laume said...

I thought we had a full moon on Halloween just a few years back? Maybe it was just one day past or before the full moon though.