Chaos Theory + Ripple Effect = Me

Let me begin by stating that I am a firm believer in the Butterfly Effect, therefore I believe that every occurrence in my life, big or small, is important. So when my dear friend Kristen invited me to participate in a blog game where the rules are to share 5 completely unimportant things about myself I was at a loss. Everything about me is important, just ask my adoring fans... okay snap back to reality...

Here are 5 things about me that you may not find necessarily important but are necessary and important to me:

1. Two of my favorite childhood memories are of catching fireflies on hot summer nights and finding reindeer tracks in the snow on Christmas morning, courtesy of my older sisters... or so they say. I still have my doubts.

2. I love chocolate and coconut but I don't like Mounds bars.

3. I dream of playing at Wimbledon and Carnegie Hall.

4. I can no longer help my daughters with their math homework. They have far surpassed my understanding of mathematical concepts and higher thinking. At times I do believe they are speaking a second language.

5. I like to make up Holidays with spontaneous celebrations.

Here are 5 other blog friends that I hope will take a moment to participate in this game of tag:
Gabriela, Dani, Beth, Melissa, Kitty


~dani~ said...

Melissa, I would love to play and I am honored you thought of me. I have long loved your Halloween work and hope very much to add a lil spooky piece of you to our home! I will have to think about these 5 things...hmmm, I smell smoke.

beth said...

hi mellissa - thanks so much for tagging me !! of course i will play along - I just love the amazing shakers you put on glitter !! awesome idea !

Michelle said...

what wonderful un~important facts you have shared! thanks!

Kristen Beason Designs said...

Hi Melissa!
Thanks for being a good sport ;+) I got a kick out of no longer helping your daugthers with their math homework. I know what you mean!!!