A Fair-Weather Friend

Down came the rain and the spider waited it out...
Clever little spider!

Grungy Pumpkin Head with Umbrella and Bitsy Spider will post tonight on eBay.


Doreen said...

Oh my goodness how fantastic your work is!!!!! You have such a wonderful imagination!

Best wishes to you

Carolee said...

This is just adorable! LOVE the Bitsy Spider. :)

~ Carolee

Designs by CK said...

CUTE ~ Love the umbrella & spider!

CK :)

*retro-rudolphs* said...

I adore this piece!!

Donna O. said...

You crack me up!

Jennifer said...

I absolutely love this piece!!

Julie - Pink Paris Match said...


Your work is glorious! Very inspiring!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I will be back to visit often!


faerie enchantment said...

I just adore this itsy bitsy spider, wonderful piece!

Diane Duda said...

What a cute spider.
Words you don't often hear together, but in this case true. :)


Kim Hardt Originals said...

I love his pumpkin spider. What a perfect companion for him!

Oh so cute!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Awesome, as always! And fun! Love that little spider.

Debbie Egizio said...

Hello there fun girl! I love this pumpkin guy. Fabulous!! So glad I stopped by. I've been gone from blog world lately.

I'm also stopping by to let you know that I've given you an award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up when you have time. See ya, Deb

Anonymous said...

Just came across your site via the Joyous Spring Fete site..I love your creations! I look forward to browsing through your blog:)
~Christine ;)