An Affair to Remember

Ever have one of those moments when you walk into a room and feel your pulse quicken as your eyes dart from object to object while an choir of angels sings in your head? Well then you got a pretty good idea of how I felt on Saturday while attending the Joyous Spring Fete. The brilliantly talented and charming masterminds of the event Kimberlee of Edgar and Edgar and Melissa of Melissa Tereck put on their first Northern California art show. I managed to snap a couple of pictures before the doors opened and thought I'd share them with you.

Love is in the details...

Angelic raffle table display by Kimberlee

Whimsical bunny by Debbie Muller

Butterfly wands by Kimberlee

La Place du Soleil sweet as candy art supplies

Adorably zany characters from Kerry Howard Schmidt

Vintage Inspired designs by Monica Macias...oh la la!

Ginny Betourne's playful Pumpkin character

Colorful ceramics by Sharon Bloom

Charming felted work by Lucille Miles of Forest Whimsy

These photos are only a small representation of the artists that attended the event. For more information check out the Spring Fete site. Thanks to all of you who stopped by to see me. It truly is the artists, patrons and dear friends that keep this handmade industry alive and for that I am truly grateful!


Edgar and Edgar said...

Thank you sooo much for participating. Your work is amazing!!!! The plans are already in motion for our next fete!!! And we would love to have you participate!!!!


Nene said...

Hi Melissa,

it was a pure pleasure to have met you at the Spring Fete. Your pictures and article on it is very nicely done. I will post about my visit in the next few days too! I have already posted a few.

(Love Conquers All)

Designs by CK said...

Hey Melissa ~ What great pics!

SO glad it was a FUN show and sounds like it was a success, since another is in the works!

Wished I lived closer, or I would have stopped by too!

CK :-D)

Anonymous said...

Melissa, it was so nice to have you take part in the show and we all seemed have have a great deal of fun working together...all of the artists were so nice to woork with....makes planning the next show a no brainer...more to come! Melissa.

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Oh thanks for all the great pictures! Looks like it was so much fun!


fated follies studio said...

WOW. those of you who participated in this event looked like you had so much fun. i found you from nene's blog and the pictures she posted from you were just too good. i had to stop by and say hello and see what else i could love to look at. take care.