I'm having one of those mornings... I'm in denial. In the blink of an eye Spring Break has come and gone. Sleepy eyed children, shell shocked from alarm clocks going off at the crack of dawn, have stumbled out the door to school leaving me to work. I best get to it because before you know it summer break will be here and the house will be filled once again with children, distractions and sweet chaos.
(well, maybe not always sweet)

Glitter and Grunge will update tomorrow. I will post the links here as they become available.


Sheryl said...

I am keeping tabs on you and am hoping to purchase stuff for the shop soon! Where do you get all that glitter? I can't seem to locate any larger quantities. Any advice?

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Love that sweet chaos. And spring break is why I am a bit behind in my "work". (Love your new things at G and G btw.:)