Springtime Schedule

The stars must have aligned in my favor this week because I met all my deadlines with one day to spare. Hooray for me!
I have 4 new spring pieces debuting on Glitter and Grunge on March 1st. Can you believe it...March already! I will also be participating in two creative art challenges: EHAG's Hallowgreen, also on March 1st, and AHAO Star challenge on March 3rd. I have also scheduled a PFATT auction to post on March 2nd... whew...no wonder I'm feeling a little frazzled. I'll post all the links here when the auctions go live.
Hope to get out and enjoy the sunshine then back to work on Monday to continue preparing for the Spring Fete! Yikes...just breathe....

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Designs by CK said...

CUTE bunny Melissa & congrats on getting all your new pieces finished with time to spare!!!

Looking foward to seeing your EHAG Hallogreen Challenge piece!

Chris :-D)