Pinky Polka Dot

Oh nooo...I have way too many projects in the works: heads with no bodies, buckets with no handles, hearts that need mending and deadlines that need to be pushed back. Since it is highly unlikely to change the latter I must lock the studio door and not emerge until something is signed, sealed and ready for delivery. Wish me luck! In the meantime, I have another little Valentine posting tonight on eBay. Take a look.


Kitty Forseth said...

Awwwwww Melissa.. hearts that need mending.. sighhhhhhh.. story of our lives, ha ha!

Why is it so difficult for us to finish our pieces? Is it the pressure? Ha! I have no idea.. I remember sitting on the floor at Hollydaze signing my pieces, ack!

I also can't wait for our Spring show, and can't wait to see your goodies! Thank you for your sweet comment!

I Love Pinky Polkadot!!

xo Kitty

Designs by CK said...

Delishiously CUTE! '-)

PS: Thanks for your lovely compliments of recent on mine!


Sylvia Anderson said...

Good luck with all that you have going on...I think it's that time of the year for all of us! Never enough hours in the day! :)

Thanks again for stopping by and for entering my Valentine's giveaway!

Zinnia said...

Ohhh! I love all of your creations so much!!!!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Just stoppin' by to see what you're up to! Looks ALL GOOD!!!!! (okay GREAT!!!)

Sandra Evertson said...

He is Fabulous!
Sandra Evertson

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Melissa, Pinky Polka dot is darling! Love the colors. Looking forward to what you will be working on soon.


Michelle said...

I feel your pain with the projects! lol! looks like you are doing well with your e-bay shop! do you also have a etsy one too?

Brenda said...

Oooh, Melissa.. just LOVE your glittery creations! I wish you luck and more luck!!


Brenda said...

Ooooh, Melissa.. just LOVE your creations! I wish you luck and more luck!!


Carolee said...

Melissa, I can relate, lol...Your new work is absolutely magical (as always!)

~ Carolee

Donna O. said...

Can we go halves on padlocks?? I need to lock myself in, too! But your creations so far??? Wonderful!! Now get back to work!!

Mermaid Queen said...

Love the style of all your creations! They are very inspiring. ~Martha